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Economic and technological changes leading to a significant repositioning of the industry around the world. The whole industrial and commercial areas are also undergoing a major change, which will move towards digitization, customization, informatization and green technology.

SIEG has long been engaged in the research of eletrical power quality in Europe,working closely with major European power electronics experiments,research institutions,with offices in several countries and regions,to create the most excellent quality,high-performance products and solutions for industrial and commercial enterprises.

In order to better serve users in China,SIEG set up a special filter produsts joint venture in China-Sieg Energy Quality Management Co.,Ltd.,provides industry such as electricity,electronics,commercial buildings,machinery,petroleum,transportation etc with the best filtering products and more efficient world-class professional services.

Through the integration of digital manufacturing and innovation,SIEG provides sustainable solutions combined of energy saving and energy efficiency to help Chinese industrial enterprises restructuring and upgrading to a higher security,higher performance, more flexibility,more sustainable of the next level in the global competition.

SIEG makes a solemn commitment to Chinese users' prospects: Leading energy to optimize the future, helping Chinese enterprises to the next level!