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Three - phase thyristor switch


Switch contact without wear, higher service life
No limit on the number of switching
Capacitor internal residual voltage and power grid between the potential difference of zero switching strategy
There is no inrush
Rapid action without delay
Real-time compensation
Compact design
No additional power is required
Running without noise
product manual 
(1) Product Code: SIEG - TSC - Thyristor switching switch
(2) serial number: three digits, 101: a total complement type, 102: sub-fill type
(3) control capacity: compensation capacity, in kvar as a unit. SIEG-TSC-101: 25, 50 kvar; SIEG-TSC-102: 10, 15kvar
SIEG-TSC series thyristor switching switch for AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuit in the opening and breaking compensation capacitor. SIEG-TSC-101 is used for low-voltage power system with rated working voltage of 380 ~ 400V capacitance of 25, 50kvar; SIEG-TSC-102 is used for low voltage power system with rated working voltage of 220 ~ 230V and capacitance of 10, 15kvar.
SIEG-TSC-101/102 thyristor switching switch, the use of zero-crossing trigger technology, the power capacitor can be quickly and smoothly connected to the grid or from the power grid, without generating inrush current, especially for reactive power rapid changes in the occasion Of the reactive power compensation, is to achieve dynamic power factor correction of the ideal solution. For example: cranes, lifts, welding equipment. SIEG-TSC-101 is used in the three-phase reactive current co-compensation. SIEG-TSC-102 is used for independent compensation of any phase of three-phase reactive current. It can be directly controlled by DC switch or AC signal by switching controller Switching. Switch switch with third generation based on aluminum nitride ceramic substrate (DBC) manufacturing technology of thyristor switch module, compared with the current commonly used second-generation alumina substrate technology thyristor, with a stronger withstand the thermal shock capacity, heat More capable, lower temperature rise, able to long-term stable and reliable work.
Wiring diagram