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Capacitor special contactor

 BFK contactor (including current limiting resistor)




UL / CSA rated current


maximum UL / CSA operating power, voltage in:


















Technical characteristics
Special contactor for power factor correction capacitors
General characteristics
These contactors are equipped with early contact. This is a special type of contact that is intended for a very short period of time before the contactor is switched on for 2-3 ms, with a resistor turned on to limit the current on the capacitor. When the turn-on operation is completed, these resistors exit the circuit, and the magnitude of the current is restored to coincide with the main circuit contact. The use of this type of circuit can make all the components of the system less loss, especially fuses and capacitors to ensure extended service life and higher reliability. The contactor is particularly suitable for automatic power factor correction control cabinet, because there is no need to limit the inductance and heat removal measures. In this way, some modular electrical switchgear can be made more compact.
 BFK version, Figure 1, designed for 3-phase circuit switches. This type is characterized in that, in its contacts, it is suitable for connection of current limiting resistors. The current limiting resistor is switched on only when the peak current of the impulse current is required and is then disconnected to avoid possible residual current flowing through the resistor.
 Environmental working conditions
Ambient temperature: ≤ 50 ° C
For ambient temperatures above 50 ° C and below 70 ° C, the maximum operating power values ​​listed in the table
Must be reduced to a percentage that is equal to the difference between the actual operating temperature and 50 ° C.
Number of operating cycles: ≤ 120 cycles / hour
Electrical life: ≥200,000 cycles
Contactor for power factor correction
SIEG-BF50K, SIEG-BF80K Dimensions