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Reactive power compensation controller


Backlit graphic LCD display
128x80 pixels, the screen display intuitive. Adjustable brightness and resolution, contrast.
Optically isolated communication port
The front end of the optical port communication can use the standard USB connection or Wi-Fi connection, you can achieve the power controller and computer, smart phone, tablet computer connection, without the need to turn off the power of the power factor controller can be programmed and Data download.
Suitable for power factor correction, the use of contactor switching and thyristor fast switching.
Can use SMS short message to alert.
The log can be sent via e-mail or server.
Read the log directly over the network.
Streamlined design
The ergonomically designed SIEG-PFC controller, each subtle part has been carefully designed.
main feature
-128x80 pixel backlit graphic LCD display in 10 languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German Czech, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, customizable.
Automatic recognition of CT induced current.
- Connect to single or three-phase lines, phase and neutral lines plus hot co-generation system to produce 4-phase operation.
- Suitable for medium pressure systems.
- in the high harmonic content of the system can also be normal operation.
- Extend the number of times the switch is operated.
- Balance the use of the same power level.
- Measure the reactive power of each installation step.
- Record the number of connections at each step.
- Three-phase capacitor overcurrent protection.
- Built-in temperature sensor for overtemperature protection.
- Accurate loss of voltage release protection.
Harmonic Analysis of Current and Voltage.
- harmonic analysis of voltage and current waveforms, and recording of overloaded events.
- Fast CT programming function.
- USB and Wi-Fi communication interface for personal computers, only mobile phone Tablet PC connection.
- Modbus®-RTU, TCP and ASCII communication protocols.
- Set up remote control software.
- Supports sending SMS messages for alerts by installing the EXP10 15 module.
Selection chart
Operating characteristics
- voltage circuit
• Auxiliary power supply: 100-415VAC
• Rated frequency: 50 / 60Hz ± 10%
- Current loop
• Single and three phase inputs
• Rated current: 5A (1A programmable)
- Measurement and control
• Power factor modulation: 0.5 to 0.5 cap
• Voltage measurement range: 85-720VAC
• Current measurement range: 0.025-6A
• Effective measurement of voltage and current
• Synchronous re-delay time: 1-30000s
• Trip sensitivity: 1-1000s / step
- relay output
• 8 outputs, normally open (NO / SPST),
 Except the last being a changeover (SPDT)
• Rated power: 5A 250VAC (in AC1 IEC) / B300
- Embedded installation
- IEC protection class: front IP54; terminal IP20
Small size
Simplify the frame to reduce the depth of the entire controller, simplifying the installation design so that the entire controller can be installed on a very compact switchboard and used.
Fixed method
The metal screw fixes the entire power factor controller to ensure long-term use of the firmness and reliability.
High degree of protection
The front and rear seals of the controller ensure that the entire controller achieves IP54 protection.
With the basic controller function, you can easily extend the use of the EXP series module
Extensible modules:
- The relay output increases the number of steps
- optically isolated static output, the same applies to dynamic correction
- Capacitor protection
- switch, analog input and output
- Optically isolated RS232 port
- Optocoupled RS485 port
- Optical isolation Ethernet interface with network server function
- Optically isolated Profibus-DP port
- GPRS / GSM module
- Data logging and time recording module (RTC).
Master-slave design
The SIEG-PFC controller can control the output of other analog controllers (except for its own steps). In this way, a master-slave architecture can be formed, and the main control can control up to eight steps from the controller.
Multilingual graphics and text
The controller provides 10 languages ​​to view waveform trend text and bar charts. Languages ​​include: Italian, English, Spanish, French German, Czech, Polish, Russian, Portuguese. And can be customized according to customer needs.
Suitable for dynamic power factor compensation
By installing the EXP10 01 static output module, this controller can be used in dynamic power factor compensation systems where the reactive power is rapidly changing over time. The same use of the relay output built into the controller can produce a relay that is driven by conventional relays and dynamics Type of correction step consisting of a mixed system.
Network server function
By moving out of the EXP10 13 Ethernet module, most of the measured data acquired by the controller can be viewed on the common Web client, and on the computer, you can get data via the java platform and do not need to install any Extra computer software.
Capacitor protection
By adding the EXP1016 expansion module, the Sieg-PFC controller can install capacitive protection to provide additional security for the safe operation of the controller. This module can measure the harmonic current value and the current temperature of the capacitor, in order to detect the problems in any one step.
3 current input
Independent power factor corrections can be made for each step.
Analyze all the electrical parameters in the network instrument.
GSM / GPRS module
Installing and installing a GSM / GPRS module automatically by installing the EXP10 15 expansion module controller simplifies the installation and routing of the controller. Enable and insert a data SIM card alarm or event SMS SMS and mail. This module can be sent from the controller to the FTP server.
Dimension [mm]
Wiring diagram
The current input polarity is irrelevant.
WARNING! Unplug the power supply terminal before operation.
Technical characteristics
Category SIEG-PFC8
Auxiliary power
Rated auxiliary voltage 100-415VAC
Operating range -10 to + 10%
Communication frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ± 10%
Maximum power consumption 12VA
Maximum power consumption (except for output power) 4.5W
Control voltage 100-600VAC
Operating range 50-720VAC
Rated frequency 50 or 60Hz ± 10% - 360-440Hz
Maximum power off time 35ms (110VAC) - 80ms (220-415VAC)
Rated current programmable 5A / 1A Programmable 5A / 1A
Operating range 0.025-6A / 0.025-1.2A
Overload 1.2 Ie
Short time withstand current 50 Ie for 1s
Daily consumption of 0.6VA
Data measurement
Different voltage and current measurement TRMS
Power Factor Adjustment 0.5 Sensing to 0.5 Capacitance
Temperature sensor type Internal comes with + PT100 by installing EXP10 04 + NTC by installing EXP10 16
Relay output
Output quantity 8 (10, 12, 14, 16 install EXP ...)
Electric shock arrangement 7 NO (SPST) + 1 changeover (SPDT) contacts
IEC rated capacity 5A 250V (AC1)
The maximum current capacity of the common connector 10A
Maximum closing voltage 415VAC
UL / CSA and IEC / EN 60947-5-1 specifications B300
Electrical life (rated load) 105 cycles
Mechanical life 30x106 cycles
Static output
Output quantity 4 or 8 using EXP10 01 4 or 8 with EXP10 01
The type of end can be removed / plugin
Maximum and minimum conductor section 0.2-2.5mm2 (24-12AWG)
Working conditions
Operating temperature -30 ... + 70 ° C
Storage temperature -30 ... + 80 ° C
Version of the embedded installation 144x144mm
Material Polycarbonate
IEC protection class IP54